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Our breath is the first and last gift of life on Earth.
Learning to harness it, and the energy systems of your body, can transform your life.  


We Are Made of Energy


The chakra system is the energy regulator for our human bodies. We all have a complex energy system that is made up of seven major chakras that run from the base of our spines to the top of our heads. Each chakra is an energy system of its own that corresponds to specific nerve bundles, internal organs, emotions, and even experiences. These energy centers can become blocked, stagnant, overactive, and/or under active and cause imbalances in our bodies, energy, emotions, and overall health. This may cause us to experience physical and/or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra. Once you understand these 7 energy systems, it becomes easier to explore how your other energy systems, your biofield, and your aura all affect your daily life and how you feel. Soon, you can raise your own vibrational frequency simply through breathwork, self-awareness, and emotional regulation that comes from practice. 

The 7 Main Chakras of the Human Body

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Our Breath Helps to Regulate Our Chakra System


Breath work is a powerful way to balance our chakras. There are many types of yogic breathing techniques, known as pranayama, that focus specifically on breath and how it correlates to different outcomes. In Sanskrit, "prana" means vital life force and "yama" means to gain control. The word “chakra” translates to “wheel” or “vortex”. So you can imagine your breath as a key factor in ensuring that your wheels are spinning at optimal levels. The more you practice, the more control you have over your energy system which adds vitality and well-being to your life experience. 


Ancient wisdom teachings have given us various systems of meditation, yoga, qigong, and other energy techniques to harness and manipulate universal energy both inside and outside of our bodies. Modern science continues to prove that movement and breath work can help us heal our bodies, unblock and rebalance our own power generators, expand our auras, raise our consciousness, and connect us with the divine. 


Starting with the basics is always a good idea. The above image is something we like to refer to as the "rainbow" because the colors align with the main 7 chakras of the human body. When you pair the rainbow with belly breaths, you can pretty quickly feel the difference in your own body, mind, and spirit. 


The 7 Main Chakras Represent the Colors of the Rainbow 


Violet = Crown 

Indigo = Third Eye

Blue = Throat

Green = Heart 

Yellow = Solar Plexus

Orange = Sacral

Red = Root


If you are a visual learner, try imagining the rainbow lighting up as you draw the breath up and down your body. If you're more of an analytical thinker, try counting the number of the main 7 chakras as you bring the breath up from the Root to the Crown and back down again. The main thing to remember is that the goal is for your breath to light up (activate) the entire rainbow, both on it's way up and down.

Belly Breathing


When we work with clients, we often ask them to take deep belly breathes during energetic, physical, and emotional healings. This helps them to remember to draw the full breathe all the way through their Sacral and Root chakras instead of breathing solely from the chest up. 


This is also known as diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing. The objective is to encourage full oxygen exchange between the incoming oxygen for the outgoing carbon dioxide. The body views this as a beneficial trade because some toxins can be released simply through long, deep breaths. 


To practice this on your own, place a hand on your belly and slowly breathe in. You can do this sitting, standing, or lying down. The most important thing to notice is that you should feel your belly expand, not contract, on the inhale. If you need to work on getting this part right first, simply take slow deep breathes in and out until you feel your belly gently expanding on the inhale and contracting on the exhale. 


Once you've mastered that, slowly breathe in from your Root chakra and draw your breath all the way up and slightly above the top of your head to the Crown chakra. Gently hold the breath for a few seconds then slowly send the breath right back down through your entire chakra system. When you get to the Root chakra, imagine the breath traveling down into the ground and growing out like roots on a tree. Try to match the same amount of time on the inhale (that you brought the breath up) to the amount of time on the exhale (that you send it down).


Repeat this 7-10 times each practice. You can do this a few times a day or whenever you feel the need for greater self-awareness, emotional regulation, or relaxation. Ideally, with enough practice, you'll find that each breathe takes about 7-10 seconds (each direction) with 3-4 seconds held on either end of the breathe. This should not feel forced or strenuous so take your time and work yourself up to this. It takes practice. Simply follow your breath and notice what it is telling you. Your own awareness of your breath can reveal a lot about your energy centers, your chakra system, and overall well-being. 


If you have questions about this, or anything else related to your healing, we're here for you! Please don't hesitate to reach out. 

We rely on ancient wisdom teachings, science and evidence-based research, plus experience-based practice to help people learn to regulate their own energy systems. We hope this helps you fully embrace your rainbow, boost your energy, and increase your vibrational frequency!


Emotional Regulation to Improve Energy


Remember, you are not a human being with a soul. You are a multi-dimensional being living a human experience and that being is here to realign with the soul ... and stay in alignment. When you raise your vibrational frequency, the universe has no choice but to notice and assist you on your path of evolution. 

Emotions, thoughts, and feelings can have a huge impact on your vibrational frequency. Staying in a place of love and light can be tough and spiritual bypassing emotions doesn't do any good either. Here's a simple chart that can help you trace your emotions on what we like to talk about as the Love & Fear scale.


The highest forms of love, gratitude, and joy are all very high vibrational feelings that can quickly translate to energy shifts in your human experience when practiced daily. A good mindfulness practice can be as simple as noticing your emotions, thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions and not judging yourself for them, rather shifting them up the scale as high as you can go. 


And don't worry ... you may not be able to get from anger, hatred, and fear to gratitude, peace, and unconditional love quickly ... yet! It requires practice and we're here to help. 

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