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When you feel the lightness that comes from opening up to Source energy,

it helps to make a believer out of you. We are here to remind you

that you are love and light and that you control the switch.

It would be an honor to help you discover how brightly you can shine.

Jennifer is the vessel for you to communicate with spirit. During each session, you will have an opportunity to speak with her and her main guide named Adrianna. Together, their mission is to help others heal from energetic, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual challenges.


Jennifer channels Adrianna throughout the sessions and also brings in other spirits who wish to assist in your healing. This may include your own Higher Self, your spirit team and guides, and/or loved ones who have crossed over. Sometimes, even energies from nature come through. Every session is unique and focussed entirely on you and your soul's growth.


In addition to clients being able to have conversations directly with spirit, each individualized session includes an energetic assessment along with energetic healings of their chakra system and biofield. We also provide physical body scans and energetic healings that help clear blockages that may be causing the body to perform at less than optimal levels. 


Clients have experienced relief from pain, rapid healing from injuries, and been tipped off to larger health challenges that require them to seek professional medical attention during our sessions. Everyone we work with receives a heavy dose of love and light throughout the session (directly from Source energy) that promotes energetic healing on many levels. 

No human is exactly the same and that goes for souls in the spirit realm as well. This is especially true when it comes to the way trauma, emotions, life experiences, and perspectives affect the mind, body, human experience, and soul journey. Therefore, no two sessions are the same nor are the energies that are accessed.


Spirit interaction varies for each individual we are working with. What remains constant is that we are always committed to helping our clients feel safe, secure, and open to receive the healing they seek. We strive to provide a safe and inclusive space for you to show you! All of you, and your experiences, are welcomed when working with us. 

​Overall, clients tell us they feel lighter and more like their soulful selves after a session. It is our intention to help those we work with to foster their own personal and spiritual growth. What we always want you to remember is that you are your own best healer. Whether you are in need of energetic, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual would be an honor to serve you and to help remind you just how powerful you truly are. 



We're all just living a fraction of our abilities.

When we open up to them and we start to really understand what we're capable of,

magic can happen all around us.

Jennifer speaks of her spiritual journey,
particularly her awakening from 2015-2020, and her gifts opening up in 2021, on The Skeptic Metaphysicians podcast

 Click photo to play podcast released on 1/19/2022


After 30+ years of a successful career in media production, and having dedicated a number of those to her work in the social justice movement, Jennifer’s life took a turn that she didn’t see coming. Her spiritual gifts as a channel, a medium, and a healer opened up while on a spiritual retreat in 2021.

While Jennifer has always enjoyed working with people, her career looks much different than it used to. Her work as a creative professional and longtime advocate for equity, inclusion, and upleveling consciousness continues in different ways now. Being a bridge for spirit has allowed her to have a new perspective on what it means to help make the world a better place and she
 remains devoted to co-creating a peaceful world in which every living being can belong and thrive.

Jennifer is choosing to remain private about SF24, for the most part, until more is revealed about the collective. For now, her work is primarily focussed on healing sessions with Adrianna as well as creative writing projects. To read about her previous work experiences, click on the LinkedIn badge to be taken to her professional bio. 


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We have also addressed some Frequently Asked Questions on the FAQs page. 

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