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Thank you for stopping by.


My name is Jennifer Foster and I'm a channel, a medium, and a healer. Most days I would simply describe myself as a student and a teacher. I think we all are. My story may be a bit more extreme and I hope to share more of that one day. For now, I continue to explore, embrace, and seek to understand my spiritual gifts and rather strange life circumstances since they appeared. 

My work as a healer is with people, animals, and nature. That continues to unfold every day as new opportunities are presented. I've been traveling around the world for the past three years now, guided by Spirit, and am enjoying discovering commonalities and differences between people, places, and cultures I encounter along the way. Every experience brings new growth and a deeper awareness of the oneness that connects us all. 


Basically, I live in a world of magic and miracles and my life is weird and wonderful because of it. As a vessel for healing, my greatest joy is helping people and being of service to Mother Earth. If you're interested in a Zoom session, it would be an honor to work with you. 

A bit about what you'll find here...

You may notice the word "we" repeated throughout this website. That is because I work with Spirit directly and my Guides are very much a part of my team. If we (you and me) work together, I will channel my main guide "Adrianna" during the healing session. We will also call in Archangels, Ascended Masters, and loved ones in the Angelic and Etheric realms to assist as we work with the highest vibrations of love, light, and Source energy. You can visit the About page to learn more about how we work with clients.  

Together, we work directly with folks to help them heal from energetic, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual challenges. I offer 90-minute private Zoom sessions for individuals, 3-hour sessions for couples, and group options. No session is alike and each is tailored as a conversation about whatever it is you want to talk about. You can learn more about what to expect on the Sessions page. 

I have found great joy in doing sessions with folks and love seeing the shifts they have during and afterwards. If you're considering whether you would like to communicate with Spirit, some of the feedback on our Testimonials page may resonate with you. Sessions can include speaking with your own Higher Self, your spirit guide team, loved ones who have crossed over, elemental spirits, pets and/or spirit animals, as well as messages from nature. No two experiences are exactly the same and we do our best to be a vessel for the messages you are meant to know and receive in that moment. 


My ultimate mission with creating Foster Spiritual Growth is to help make the world a better place. That's an inside job first and foremost ... for all of us ... me included and perhaps especially! My gift to you for stopping by is the Books page which offers a list of books that I have either read or listened to on spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics, self-awareness, consciousness, healing modalities, and more. My hope is that you may find some of them helpful on your own journey too.

A big part of my personal journey has been learning to regulate my own energy system and well-being. As a longtime meditation and spiritual practitioner, it is important to me that my body, mind, and spirit are healthy. I have learned a variety of techniques for mental, physical, and emotional healing. At the base of all of them, and life itself, is the importance of breathing. On the Breathe page, you will find some basics that may help you begin to understand and regulate your own energy system. 

I am also always happy to share names of other teachers, healers, researchers, experts, and visionaries, etc. who have influenced my own path so please reach out, via our Contact page, if you have a specific question you would like to explore more deeply. 

I am really glad you are here and I hope you will join me, in whatever way feels right to you. Please feel free to explore the website further and don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions. 

Wishing you well, in all ways, always!


Let's connect! 

If you would like to stay in touch, please click below to join the mailing list and receive occasional updates. If you need additional assistance, you can also ask questions, make comments, and/or send well wishes from that same Contact page. If you prefer, you may also send an email to


I remain in deep gratitude for the magic and miracles that the universe has to offer us all. I hope you find what you are looking for and that all beings, everywhere, are happy and free! 

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