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We have chosen the name Foster Spiritual Growth for a couple reasons. The obvious one is Jennifer’s last name. We prefer to focus on the verb. Our team is here to help encourage and promote the development of growth for all who wish to heal...from whatever it is that needs healing. Conversations with spirit can help remind you how to be happy, healthy, and wholly show up in a way that makes you feel good about your journey.    

Whether you are ready to face unresolved challenges, wanting to explore your own spiritual awakening, and/or looking to connect with loved ones on the other side...there is great healing that can come from connecting with your Higher Self, your soul, and those in the spirit realm. Jennifer is a human bridge to connect you with spirit. When you work with us, our intention is to help you find the answers you are looking for and for you to experience expansion that perhaps you never imagined possible. All of you is welcomed into a safe and inclusive space with the intention of your personal growth and development.


Private Sessions:

Each 90-minute private session includes an energetic scan of your chakra system, biofield, and physical body. Energetic healings and physical healings are provided based on your individual needs. Because energy is nonlocal, we can be on opposite sides of the planet and still connect energetically.


Throughout each session, every person receives a boost of love and light directly from Source. Sessions are held via Zoom and are always a loving, safe, and inclusive experience where the intention is for you to receive the messages you are meant to through conversations with souls/spirits/energies who love you.     

Each confidential session includes channeling and mediumship where spirit comes through to help you with the challenges you are facing and/or to connect you with loved ones who are on the other side. This may include your own Higher Self, your Guides and/or members of your spirit team, people you have known who have crossed over, as well as animals, birds or other energies who wish to communicate with you.


Sessions are always for your highest purpose and intended to benefit you. We meet you where you are at in any given moment on your journey. Sessions can also be a very healing space to resolve past wounds and/or clear things up with souls in both the spirit and earthly realms. Whether looking for personal guidance, healing, and/or help discerning opportunities in your life...spirit is happy to help and it is an honor to channel guidance meant especially for you. Our payment philosophy is explained on the Energy Exchanges page. 

Couples Sessions:

Jennifer works with couples who would like to explore their spiritual paths together. This includes a 3-hour shared session where each has balanced time to work on their own particular issues while addressing anything that both people wish to explore together. Just like in personal sessions, the couple engages in conversation with spirit through Jennifer. Each individual also receives an energetic scan of their chakra system, biofield, and physical body plus healings that are relevant to them individually as well as a couple.


Couple sessions are particularly helpful if one or both of you are going through a spiritual awakening or other type of challenge that one or both may not understand. During troubling times, it is not unusual to feel lost, confused, misunderstood, and/or want guidance on your path.


Sometimes this means that you seek clarity on how what is happening in your life relates to both you and your partner. If you are in a committed relationship with someone then it is important to recognize that your awakening, or any other life altering experience, will likely affect your relationship as well. Neither of you should have to face an unsettling time alone. Communication is key to ensure you grow and remain aligned in your mutual vision of the here and now as well as hopes for the future. See the Energy Exchanges page for our approach to payment. 

Group Sessions:

Group sessions are a wonderful option for those who are working together as a team. Maybe your group has similar interests and/or desire a specific outcome that you'd collectively like some clarity on or energy towards. Perhaps you and some friends would like a boost of love and light to help you cope with the turbulent energies that are affecting so many on the planet at this time. Group sessions are a great way to be introduced to the spirit realm in a comfortable way that allows everyone in attendance to benefit from the experience. Spirit is always happy to assist when the intention is of love, light, and the benefit of humanity, Mother Earth, and all living beings, everywhere.  


Group sessions are conducted via Zoom. Every group session includes a channeled Love & Light energy transmission for all participants as well as individualized healings and mediumship, as time allows. We do our best to ensure each attendee has a personalized experience and that everyone can speak directly with their spirit team. We also recognize not everyone is comfortable speaking to spirit so if an individual prefers, they can simply observe and receive healing at their own comfort level. Cost varies depending on size of group, location, and/or agreed upon energy exchanges.

Blue Sky Consulting:

One of Jennifer’s longtime professional passions is helping organizations “blue sky” ideas and come up with effective and innovative solutions to tough challenges. She has over 30 years of experience in this area and has been recognized globally for her ability to think outside of the box on creative projects that provide sustainable solutions. Now, she has some additional help from spirit..and so can you! Perhaps you're looking to tap into universal truths, explore different perspectives, or be challenged with tough questions that will lead you to creative expansion that you never dreamed possible.  

If so, you have an opportunity to work with Jennifer, and her team of guides, to help propel your organization forward. As a creative consultant and strategic partner, Jennifer will assist you with achieving your goals and you will receive guidance from spirit on important decisions to help your endeavors blossom. 

This service is designed for corporate, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies who wish to infuse your mission with goodness and love. As long as your focus includes helping make the world a better place, we would be happy to work with you. There is a monetary fee structure to this service that will be based on the scope of work we do together. Please feel free to reach out if you have an interest in leveling up your current mission or creating an entirely new one. We love blue skies...and rainbows!   

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Imagine what it would feel like to 
let your soul fly free 

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