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An equitable "energy exchange" is the principle that both parties are giving and receiving an equal amount of energy. As spiritual adepts have always known, it is vital to complete the energy circuits for the highest good of all involved. In healing practices, there is usually some sort of exchange to express that the work is valued.

Free Will Payment

Private and Couples sessions are provided on a Free Will Payment basis. This payment experiment is derived from a philosophy that honors human dignity and the universal wisdom of energy exchanges. Our intention is to provide individualized healing sessions to as many people as possible in a way that allows everyone involved to thrive. That means you, me, and us.  

We trust that you will know the amount of money to exchange for your session. We believe each individual will give what they feel comfortable with, what is aligned with industry standards, and an amount that honors the time invested by a healer dedicated to their well-being.

That interpretation is not the same for each individual; therefore, we choose to refrain from determining/charging specific amounts. It is your own hands to decide. We will accept your monetary payment with gratitude and appreciation. 

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All payments will be reported as income through Jennifer A. Foster Productions, Inc.. This company was established in 1999 (by Jennifer) and Foster Spiritual Growth is now an extension of that business.

Can't Pay? It's OK

If you are experiencing significant money blockages and can not pay for a session right now…it’s OK. Please understand that we do not want you to feel bad about that nor do we wish to not work with you.

We believe everyone has gifts to give and will be happy to talk with you about a barter system which honors you, Jennifer/us, the universe, and your dignity. An energy exchange doesn't have to only be money. It could include an investment of time, talent, or some other way that you can help make the world a better place, feel better, and honor this work. 

TRANSPARENCY STATEMENT:  We are not a non-profit organization nor are we soliciting gifts. All donations, monetary gifts/payments, and energy exchanges are not tax deductible. We also do not accept insurance nor are we licensed medical or healthcare professionals. We encourage you to contact a licensed physician, therapist, and/or counselor if you are in need of professional care. If you are in crisis and/or need emergency help, please contact someone you trust who can help you with whatever situation you are facing.

To read our DISCLAIMER and HOLD HARMLESS statement, click this link. 

Thank you for your support. We are full of love and gratitude and gladly share an abundance of goodness with you. Please know that you are never alone and that there are many paths to the same healing. If we can help you, it is our honor. 💟

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