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Jennifer Foster is a channel, medium, and healer who works with spirit and energy to help others emotionally, energetically, physically, and spiritually. By channeling energy, Jennifer and her spirit team (SF24) are able to bring in perspectives that are unique to every individual’s journey while also revealing universal truths that are relevant to all human beings on the planet.

Jennifer serves as a vessel for healing and a bridge to connect with spirit. Her ability to help others heal is channeled directly from Source energy, her guides (SF24), and those in the spirit realm who wish to assist. During sessions, spirit speaks directly to clients through her.

Clients can ask questions of, engage in conversation with, and receive feedback from their Higher Selves and their own soul, their spirit team and guides, loved ones who have crossed over or energy wishing to assist in their healing journey. Jennifer's main guide (Adrianna) leads all sessions and is the gatekeeper of the energies from the etheric realm. Healings are channeled through Jennifer, and/or directly to clients, from Source energy.

While Jennifer's own personal journey is an interesting one, she is now guided to work directly with others to help raise the collective consciousness on the planet while helping individuals heal. Sessions are meant for the highest good of all and always infused with love and light. Each experience is always unique to the individual or group we are working with and everyone is encouraged to be fully themselves in the process. All are welcome and we do our very best to provide a safe and inclusive environment which allows you to thrive.  

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The Elaborate Lie and Other Truths


Jennifer is currently writing a book about her own spiritual journey, her personal experiences traveling around the planet (during the pandemic!) and how she opened up to her spiritual gifts while living in Bali, Indonesia. The book details her most profound experiences of being divinely guided to Costa Rica, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Egypt, Bali, and back to the US (twice!) within a year's time in 2021.


You’ll also learn how she opened up to channel and met her guides (SF24) who have traveled with her since the beginning of her energetic existence. In the book, she explains what it was like developing a relationship with spirit, reconnecting with Adrianna and SF24, and how she began speaking directly with her own Higher Self. She also explains coming to terms with being extracted from life as she knew it. 

"Since my sessions I find myself feeling less anxious, and more joyous for no particular reason. I found the experience comforting, familiar, exciting, and humorous at times."
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