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You are your own best healer. Jennifer's intention is to help you discover your soulful self so you can fully step into your power. By being aligned with your own Higher Self, you can more easily raise your consciousness through self-awareness, healing past wounds, and envisioning a future where you are happy, healthy, and peaceful. Jennifer is a vessel for spirit to channel energy and information that can help you get there faster and gain a greater sense of appreciation of your own path and potential.


We are often asked questions about her path, the gifts and abilities that have opened up, and SF24 (our spirit team).  Some folks don't feel comfortable asking questions directly so we've covered some here. We want to be as open and transparent as possible as this journey continues to unfold. 


If you have other questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our Contact page. There are no silly questions and no offense is taken as long as we are all approaching these gifts with curiosity and love in our hearts. We are happy to meet you where you are at and recognize we are all learning and unlearning, together.

  • What is energy healing?
    Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. There are several different approaches to energy medicine including hands-on, hands-off, and distance healing. Energy healing utilizes the energy system of the healer and the receiver and is focussed primarily on the chakra system. There are 7 main chakras in the body, 12 central energy chakras, and dozens of energy systems within the body. Each is responsible for something different and play a big role in how our bodies, minds, and emotions are regulated. When we are in sessions with folks, we work with energy systems to regulate the flow of energy in the persons main chakra system and expand the gateways to their auric field and biosphere.
  • What types of healings does Jennifer offer?
    Jennifer is not a licensed medical physician nor is she formally trained or licensed in energy medicine. She is gifted as a vessel for Source energy to flow through her as a channel and a medium. High vibrational healing energy flows through her and she allows her brain to step aside for the energy to flow to where it is meant to in a client's body. Spirit provides direct energy transmissions through her eyes, her face and her hands, all of which she has very little control of. She does, however, connect with and sense into a client’s physical and energetic body in order to help explain the process to the client. She feels into the energy system of another in a way that allows her to sense blockages, excess, and/or depleted energies. She also can sense pain and irregularities in the physical body that can be targeted with energy healing. The healings are controlled by Jennifer allowing Adrianna to then target those areas of energy work. This is done in support by the persons own Higher Self and Guides who are always also present during a healing session. When the work is based in talk/conversation, the healing work usually comes from "talk therapy" with Adrianna. She senses into what is going on in someones life, their past/present/future experiences and provides guidance alongside the individuals Higher Self and Guides. Should the individuals Guides wish to speak directly to the person, she is the gateway for their energies to flow through Jennifer as well. As a medium, Jennifer has the ability to also channel souls who have crossed over who wish to assist. This is done in combination with Jennifer's own Higher Self, Adrianna, and Jennifer's intuitive abilities and discernment. Healing looks different for everyone and so we don't put too much out there in terms of what to expect. What is meant for you, at the time, is what we hope to deliver. That is how working with Spirit works and we hope you will always get what you need at the time.
  • How can I receive healing energy?
    ​​Transferring healing energy is a holistic practice where healers channel universal life force (or healing energy) into another person to help balance, heal and remove blockages from the body. Flow, balance, harmony and vitality within the body can be restored and maintained during a single treatment. Healing energy is the vibrational frequency of love and light. It is channeled directly from Source for the purpose of deep energetic healing for the mind, body and soul.
  • Why and how does my body react to energy healing?
    Everything is energy, including you! Each human has a chakra system that hosts the 7 main energy transmission centers of the body. Meridians are the energy superhighways of the body and one's biofield is a large field of energy that surrounds and extends out from the body about 8 feet. Ancient cultures used different modalities to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal and yet they all recognized the power of internal energy. Modern science is becoming much more advanced about validating what ancient societies routinely practiced. Thus more folks are seeking natural ways to overcome challenges that seem to plague them. Your body, mind and soul are miraculously resilient and have a profound way of healing when your energy is balanced. When you are ready, you are open to receive. When you are not, you are not.
  • Who does Jennifer channel?
    Jennifer’s work is predominantly channeled through her main guide named Adrianna. Adrianna was also Jennifer’s sister “Tammy” in this current lifetime. Tammy lived to be 11 years old, with significant health challenges throughout her short life. It is taking time for Jennifer and Adrianna to understand one another in this lifetime. They started with art and storytelling, which Jennifer could relate to much more than healing. Much like they worked together to create energy guided artwork (during the early days of training Jennifer to work with energies) Jennifer has developed the ability for Adrianna’s energy to flow through her with ease and become the conduit for the healing work along with the rest of their team. In addition, Jennifer channels a collective of 24 souls who identify as her Soul Family or SF24. This is still unfolding and she works with them on the more broad messages that come through for individuals. Jennifer also channels souls who wish to come through to provide additional healing from a client's team of guides, guardian angels, loved ones in spirit, and their own Higher Self. She does this through her voice and body movements associated with the channeled energies. She also has intuitive knowledge and psychic abilities that come through is sessions too. So, in that respect, she is channeling her own Higher Self also.
  • How does spirituality, channeling, mediumship, and healing fit with my religious beliefs?
    Spirituality differs from religion in that it does not subscribe to a particular belief system or organized practices. One of Jennifer's favorite sayings is from Neale Donald Walsh, in the book Conversations with God, that says "Spirituality is a direct connection with Source. Religion is crowd control." While indoctrination and rigid belief systems can tend to cause folks to be less open minded about their own soulful selves, spirituality involves directly connecting within one's own soul and to the oneness that connects us all. Both religion and spirituality tend to focus on the universal messages of peace, love and oneness - which is present in all religions - that guides spiritual healing work and many devout people of faith. Spirituality, however, focuses heavily on the expansion of consciousness and a deeper connection to all that is. When one is self-aware of their own divinity, as a soul and co-creator in the universe, their human experience can expand beyond the confines of human-made interpretations and doctrines. Our souls are here to transcend beyond limiting beliefs and that is the basis of spirituality.
  • Do you keep my information confidential?
    Yes. We value your privacy and will not share your information with anyone nor sell our lists of clients, contacts and/or friends. Also, Jennifer does not share names associated with healing sessions and while she may talk about a particular experience, she will not reveal your identity unless you specifically allow it. All experiences are different, uniquely personal and intended only for your highest good. Your experience is yours alone to share, or not, as you wish.
  • I can’t meditate. Can I still receive healing?
    First off, we’d say that you can meditate and probably already do. We'd be happy to talk with you more about that and help demystify meditation so you can recognize your own potential. To receive healing, however, simply requires you to be open to receive. That is up to your mind, your body and your Higher Self. Simply allowing yourself to benefit from the healing is all that is necessary. This is true whether we are together in person for a private session, via Zoom or remote healing.
  • What is going on with humans and earth right now? It feels like a big mess!
    There are indeed turbulent energies on the planet right now. This is nothing to be afraid of. They are causing people to wake up and that is happening at unprecedented rates as humanity moves towards unity consciousness. Ultimately, this is a giant leap in the evolution of humankind and bringing in the massive change necessary for Mother Earth and humanity to sustain life and advance in unimaginable ways. This also means it is time for you to focus on creating the life you want and not what you don’t want. You have the ability to manifest your desires. The more you raise your own vibrational frequency, the more likely you are to attract and manifest that which pleases you. So, stay in the light and recognize that your past does not define you and neither do your circumstances. You are love and light so keep on shining!
  • What is Source?
    Source is the life force energy that flows through and connects all beings and things, everywhere. It is the all that is. People define source energy differently, some call the higher power "God" while others may say "Universe" or "Allah" or "Jehovah" or the "Divine" ... there are many different names that denote the oneness that connects us all. What we call this infinite wisdom does not need to be narrowly defined. Source's limitlessness is beyond human comprehension and yet we intuitively know there is more we can understand when we tune into this energy. Source energy can be felt like an enlivening current we can all feel because we are not separate from it. It is not something outside of us. We can open up to Source energy in many ways, at more expansive levels, all the time. Simply being in nature can be a great way to connect with Source because it is the creator of all creation. Being more in tune with your own self, your own life force energy, and tapping into your multi-dimensionality can help you remember that we are all light from Source. How brightly we shine is up to each of us.
  • Who is the Higher Self?
    Your Higher Self is often referred to as your soul. It is, and, it isn't only that. Your soul is your direct connection with your Higher Self so being aligned with your soul (in mind, body, spirit) is in the best interest of your Higher Self. Your soul chooses to come to earth to work on a certain mission and is then guided by your Higher Self, and your guides, to accomplish that ... often without interference so you can learn what you are meant to for growth and the evolution of your soul. Your Higher Self is your highest consciousness and is constantly evolving and upleveling towards enlightenment. Connecting with your Higher Self can be experienced as trusting your intuition, allowing your imagination to flow in ways that serve you and others, and/or recognizing yourself as a spiritual being with limitless possibilities. Your Higher Self is unlimited, eternal, and your most influential guide. It may speak to you in dreams, in meditation, in those moments of “knowing” or in your everyday life decisions. Your soul is in charge and so the challenge for many folks is to align their mind, body, ego, and thinking brain with their souls desire. One of the goals of the human experience is for each of us, as humans, to experience soul recognition and integration to the degree that we are always aligned with our own Higher Self and Source energy. This is the work of the soul.
  • Can I record my session?
    Yes, you may record audio of your session if you would like. If you prefer, you may also bring something to make notes on. We suggest you do not share the recording of your session widely because it will open you up to speculation and other people's judgement, multiple truths, and personal perceptions. The information you receive is for you and you alone. Your soul will know if it is true. As with all things, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.
  • Can you guarantee a loved one will come through or any other result such as instant healing or psychic future telling?
    No. We can not. Jennifer is a vessel for Spirit and channels information as it comes through. Sometimes loved ones are not ready/willing to speak, other times they prefer to deliver messages that are not channeled, and some times they don't come forward at all. This is something that Adrianna talks about with clients if that is the case. There is often healing that happens in that explanation too as Adrianna interprets the energies of those on the other side. We have not had a session yet that some helpful spirit did not come through to support the client. During each session, at least one of your Spirit team will likely step forward, whether that be your Higher Self or one of your guides. Sometimes Jennifer's guides will do most of the talking and she will share what she was sensing during a session too if she feels it's relevant to your healing. Either way, it is always a conversation rather than us just telling you information to piece together or be left wondering what something was all about.
  • Is this witchcraft, black magic, or something else I should be concerned about?
    No. Absolutely not. Healers have long been confused with witches as a way of turning people against them. Witchcraft is a ritual, ceremonial, or traditional worship-based practice that is steeped in a wide range of belief systems dating back to ancient civilizations and adapted to modern times. In various cultural worldviews, witchcraft is the use of magic or supernatural powers - often to cast spells or harm others. That is the opposite of what we are up to. Black magic is also often used to cause harm or misfortune to others. It is invoked primarily for the practitioner's own gain or that of the person making the request. Energy healing work differs in that it is practiced for the highest good of the individual receiving the healing and all who love them. While energy healing is supernatural, magical, and a bit difficult to fully explain at times...the purpose is solely for healing the client in mind, body, and soul. Jennifer is committed to living in peace and practicing only good in order to make the world a better place. The high vibrational energy she works with is always of love and light and she is guided to help others at all times.
  • Does Jennifer invoke any type of religious or belief-system ceremonial practices during her healings?
    No. Jennifer does not practice any rigid forms of indoctrinated beliefs, practices, or invocations during her sessions. While she has a personal interest in a wide variety of beliefs systems and theories based in mythology, religion, and secular teachings...she does not try to influence anyone based on one particular interpretation, tradition, or practice. Her own personal journey has caused her to develop a closer relationship with God/Universe/Source and she works closely with Archangels, Ascended Masters, and those in the angelic and etheric realm to help communicate with the beyond. She calls them in during sessions to help with the healing. She has no expectations of anyone else to believe in what she does and respects everyone's faith (or lack thereof) as long as each session is rooted in love. During all channeling sessions, Jennifer is a vessel for spirit to provide guidance that is personalized for the purpose of the client she is working with. That may vary based on the client's own belief systems as it relates to the Oneness that connects us all. She does not control what comes out of her voice during channeling sessions nor does she impose her beliefs on others during a session. There is a rather rare exception. Sometimes, we are called in to work with spirits that need assistance crossing over or healing from life wounds (in the afterlife). We do this with the utmost care with respect for all souls. First, Jennifer and her Guides try to understand what is preventing the soul's unrest. This can come in many forms such as a spirit haunting folks, dense energy stuck in a space or situation, or unhealthy attachments after someone has crossed over. In these cases, we invoke prayers to help release dense energy, consecrate the entanglement, and free up the future by bringing all into the present moment of peace and harmon. If the spirit is in agreement, this can have profound effects.
  • Do you research clients ahead of time or do background checks?
    No. Each session is conducted with only as much information as you provide prior to the start of the session. Sometimes folks choose to share particular desired outcomes, life experiences and/or challenges they would like to address during the session. Other times, we simply channel what is meant to come through to clients at the time. Jennifer does not identify herself as a psychic. While she does access her own gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience during sessions, she primarily allows information to be channeled by Spirit. Jennifer's brain "steps aside" to allow the energies to come through and if she does have personal knowledge of someone she is working with, she does not act on that during sessions unless she reveals that to clients in conversation. That said, she is comfortable talking about relatable experiences should they be relevant and relatable.
  • What if I don’t get the answers I am looking for?
    Spirit doesn’t always agree that what you are meant to know, at a particular moment, is what you desire to hear, feel or experience. Jennifer’s only promise is that you will be treated with respect, love and the utmost care during your session. She is committed to the truth and yet the truth is subjective and not always straightforward in the spirit realm. Therefore, there are no guarantees and we ask that you understand she is a vessel and a conduit for you to connect with Spirit. Please also remember that Jennifer is not a life coach, a therapist, a medical professional, etc. so she will refrain from personal advice unless she is speaking about her own expereinces. It's also important to remember that intended outcomes vary in terms of expectation, perceptions, interpretations, judgment and understanding. Answers may not seem clear during your session and yet years later you may look back and say "oh, that was what that meant" so our best advice is to come with an open mind and know that any advice you receive should either resonate with you, at a soul level, or you can choose to ignore it.
  • You say that "You are your own best healer" a lot...what does that mean?
    It means that you are. We all are. There are many ways that you can recognize your own divinity and healing abilities. It starts with the remembrance that you are a soul living a human experience, not a body with a soul. Once you have that recognition, then it is a matter of regulating your own vibrational frequency. In this remembrance, you become your own best healer. There are many paths to this and we always recommend you follow what speaks to you the most. For some, it may be through sound healing and leveraging solfeggio frequencies, sacred instruments, mantras, chanting, etc. It may be learning about your own energy body, your chakra system and biofield, so you can regulate your own vibrational frequency. Some are drawn to crystals, minerals, metals, fire, earth, and water. Some practice yoga, meditation, qigong, and other forms of energy work. There are many paths to remembering you are much more than this human experience. Your sacred and soulful self are ready to wake up to that remembrance. When you become more aware of who you are as a spiritual being living a human experience, then you are more open to being able to understand how truly powerful you are. This self-awareness is much easier to recognize by accessing your own abilities, trusting your own intuition, and accessing your own gifts. Much like building a muscle, this requires work and practice to hone in on strength, flexibility, endurance, and confidence.
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